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Note: This plugin has not been used for a few years and may or may not still work.


The 2013 Algoraph development team is pleased to introduce the latest addition - an Eclipse plugin that allows Algoraph users to write, upload, and run their own algorithms (written in Java). We value your contributions to the development of graph theory!


  • Wizard to generate a blank algorithm skeleton
  • Wizard to download an existing algorithm for viewing or modification; users can download their own algorithms or publicly available ones
  • Convenient right-click menu provides options to:
    • Upload an algorithm to Algoraph to run
    • Update the referenced Algoraph jar (Algoraph.jar) to ensure operability with latest edition of Algoraph
Resources Before you begin, check your username!
To ensure the plugin will work properly, it is highly recommended that your username is all lowercase characters and don't use number or special characters. If you do that, there shouldn't be any problems. If you are curious as to why, here's the deal:
  1. Your username must be a legal Java package name. If you are unable to download an algorithm this is probably why. In particular, your username MUST begin with a character and not a letter. You should also not use any special characters, including a period.
  2. Case matters. When you create the project in Eclipse, the case of the package must match the case of your username and sometimes it appears that this gets messed up. If you are unable to upload your algorithm, this is probably why.
Installation Instructions

Installing the Eclipse plugin is simple. Follow these steps:

  • Download the plugin - AlgoraphPlugin.jar. This is not a stand-alone application.
  • Locate your Eclipse program folder on your local disk.
  • Place the downloaded file in the "dropins" folder within the Eclipse program folder.
  • Restart Eclipse.
Writing an Algorithm In Eclipse
  • To create a new algorithm project:
    • Open Eclipse to the desired workspace.
    • Choose File > New > Other...
    • Choose the Algoraph section and create a "New Blank Algorithm".
    • Log in with your Algoraph credentials.
    • Choose a name for the main class in your algorithm. This will be your project name and the class from which your algorithm is run.
    • Choose what PuzzleInstance your algorithm is applicable for. Hover over each for a description.
    • Fill the code skeleton with Java code for your algorithm. The documentation for certain Algoraph classes may be helpful.
    • When you're ready, you can upload your algorithm to run in Algoraph. See the section "Submitting an Algorithm".
  • To download an existing algorithm project for editing or viewing:
    • Open Eclipse to the desired workspace.
    • Choose File > New > Other...
    • Choose the Algoraph section and create a "New Algorithm from Existing Algorithm".
    • Log in with your Algoraph credentials.
    • Select an algorithm from among those listed and click "finish".
    • If you modify the algorithm and would like to upload it, follow the instructions in "Submitting an Algorithm". Even if you have modified a public algorithm, the uploaded algorithm will still be attributed to you.
  • To ascertain that you're working with the latest available methods and data, you can right click a project and choose "Update Algoraph.jar from Algoraph".
Submitting an Algorithm

In Eclipse, right-click the algorithm project that you would like to upload. This will package your project and submit it to Algoraph. If you have previously submitted an algorithm with this name, you will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing algorithm. Upon upload, you should see a dialog confirming your success.

Testing in Algoraph

  • Right-click your algorithm project and choose "Run Algoraph" to open Algoraph, or start Algoraph from your file system.
  • In Algoraph, clicking the Algorithms button will allow you to test both stock algorithms and user-developed algorithms. Unfortunately, running user algorithms does not work in the web start framework, so use the latest Algoraph.jar.